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As part of their multi-chain vision, Rarible Protocol and Rarible.com marketplace have announced that they now support Polygon,; a Proof-of-Stake, environmentally friendly blockchain! 🚀

With this development, projects and services built on the Protocol have the ability to access the robust functionality of the Protocol SDK, on the Polygon blockchain. Rarible.com marketplace, which runs on top of Rarible Protocol, is allowing its users to mint, buy and sell their NFTs on Polygon!

Polygon is an EVM-compatible Ethereum sidechain, with a proof-of-stake architecture. It offers its users speedy transactions at a very low cost (approximately ~10,000x lower costs per transaction than Ethereum), while still relying on the shared security of the Ethereum blockchain. Since it is a POS (proof-of-stake) blockchain, it consumes a fraction of the energy in comparison to proof-of-work chains, making it environmentally sustainable.

Applications using the Rarible Protocol on Polygon will be able to offer their users the option to mint ERC-721 (single — 1/1) and ERC-1155 (collection) tokens,. There will be fee splitting capability, and royalties standard for protocol-minted NFTs, as well as for externally minted NFTs.

Start building your app on Rarible Protocol, enabling your users to access the Polygon blockchain for a more cost effective and environmentally friendly experience!